This is so inspiring. Thanks for the breakdown. :)

I've been writing on Medium for 8 months and though it pays me SOME money, I've got 2 freelance clients who pay 2x the amount I make from Medium. I never approached them, I didn't even know it was possible. But you're so right. Being prolific attracts a lot of opportunities. :)

I also launched a course in December, but I'm so shy to promote, I kept quiet about it. Only started posting online in Feb and have made more from it in a month than I ever did on Medium. This is huge for me and I intend to keep this momentum up. In a few days, I'm gonna quit my job and go full-on writerpreneur mode. 2021 has just started, but it looks so exciting. :)



Writing about life as a full-time creator & helping new writers get started. DM: YouTube:

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