One click and you’re done

When the thin line between cyber-bullying and a real-life nightmare is breached

A ray of sunlight broke through the mullioned window and cast a checkerboard of brilliant morning light across Tashi’s bed. She raised a hand to cover her face, her eyelids fluttering for a while, then opening. She sat up on the bed and stretched her arms, taking in the familiar sounds of the cooing pigeons nesting above her window. For a moment, she couldn’t quite place the strange heaviness in her heart, but then bits and pieces of the happenings of the previous night came back to her.

“Just one click and you’re done,” read the accompanying text. “If I don’t have a full-frontal nude of yours within five minutes, I will hit send.”

Her breath caught in her throat.

What did Tashi do? — a spine-chilling cybercrime thriller based on true events

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