On Writing

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Writing is hard-

pouring my heart onto these pages,
baring my soul for you to see
the darkness I hide from the world,
as I sit on my desk,
chewing my pen,
wondering if you will read through it all,
or skim through the parts
where my tears
smeared and blurred the ink.

Writing is hard-

for words don’t come easy
to tell you how this heart suffers
or how I cry myself to sleep each night;
for some emotions can’t be translated
to sentences,
and some sentences
can’t carry the weight of pain
as bravely as this beating heart does.

Writing is hard-

for I know not
if it gives me strength
or tears me apart,

and yet,
I can’t keep myself from doing it.

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3x Author, Engineer, 2x Quora Top Writer. I make videos about self-improvement, body positivity & feminism on YT & IG. anangsha.substack.com | IG: anangsha_

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