Is this a mistake?

Sometimes it gets to my head
how much care of me you take
holding my hand at every step
those little things you do for my sake.
Often I take your presence for granted
forget your love to appreciate
believe that life has lost its spice
that you aren’t the best I can get.

But I forget

That it’s you who knows me so well
every cranny, every niche of my soul
it’s you who gives life meaning,
it’s you who makes me whole.
I forget how you make me feel
thinking life’s better than just this
look for happiness elsewhere
when with you, I had a world of bliss.

Would I regret

Giving up all we have
for an adventure, someone brand new;
a life and world unfamiliar,
a never-seen-before view?
My heart, I hear it screaming
to hold on, stay put
but this nagging voice inside my head says
I might find someone with a better outlook.

What do I do?

Do I hold on when I’d rather let go
or do I let go while wanting otherwise
do I settle for whatever you give me
or find someone else to hear my cries?
Do I build a new future
erasing all the joy of the past
or do I fight tooth and nail
to make everything we have last?

If only this choice were easy…

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