I just asked this question to you on Facebook, haha! :D

Anyway, yes, I have read Era 2. Those books have a completely different flavour, and the characters are older (in their late 30s). The focus is more on the humour and the "bro"mance between the two male leads. The most interesting part is that there is magic (allomancy+ferruchemy), but there is also technology (cars+guns+planes). This makes for a fabulous mix, unlike any I have seen in fantasy novels.

Another fascinating part is that the stories of Vin, Kelsier, and Saze are reduced to legends now, with more people thinking of them as deities rather than actual people. Sanderson does a great job of drawing parallels with our own world.

Also, these books are shorter than the books of Era 1, so you could read them, but wait for a few days. Don't start immediately after finishing Era 1, because they would be difficult to get into.

No spoilers: but the ending of the third book is so AMAZING, it answers some questions raised in The Final Empire (Hard to believe, I know, but that is the extent of Sanderson's genius).



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