I feel the SAME way when my work for BH gets rejected. Because a BH piece is so extensive and takes so much time+effort, I attach way too much value to it. The only problem with this line of thinking? Rejection does not mean my work was WASTED.

You know what would be a waste? If my computer malfunctioned or my internet disconnected or all the 2800 words I wrote were irretrievably lost.

But that's not the case. I still have my words. If I truly believe in them, I can make them see great heights. BH is just a platform. If my work is good, any platform would suit them just fine.

That's how I convince myself to stop being sad. I also pitch to a lot of publications outside Medium to see if they would pay. Usually, none of them respond. After about a month, I'd forget how much value I attached to the rejected piece, and submit it to another Medium publication.

Yes, it probably won't make 500$, but it's still a great piece and, once published, it will remain in my repertoire. That's a win, isn't it? Also, it would only strengthen my resolve to work harder for BH and get the next piece accepted.