I can't believe what idiot boys you're talking to.

You should talk to me. I'll never let you feel anything less than how amazing gorgeous you are - inside and out (not technically, although I bet your pancreas are absolutely beautiful too!).

There's a saying in Assamese - "Bandore najane narikolor mool."

It means a monkey doesn't understand the value of a coconut. If you hand them a coconut, they will throw the water (juice?) away, then complain how you can't eat the outer skin. Basically - it's an analogy of giving something extremely valuable to someone who doesn't understand its worth.

You are the coconut. The boy is the monkey. I'm so glad you didn't let his stupid judgement affect your self esteem.

Writing about life as a full-time creator & helping new writers get started. DM: anangsha@baos.pub. YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/AnangshaAlammyan/

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