How ordering stuff online might do more harm than good

And how the fate of the entire planet might depend on a few clicks.

I ordered a Face powder, a lipstick, and an eyeliner from Myntra today.

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  • There is no large-scale plastic recycling system in India. All plastics that we use are dumped into the ocean.
  • There is a large floating island of plastic waste in the oceans called the Great Pacific garbage patch.
  • It is a “Dead zone” stretching for as large as 15,000,000 square kilometers (5,800,000 sq mi) (about the size of Russia).
  • There is a garbage dump in Ghazipur, Delhi that is referred to by the locals as the “Mount Everest of trash.”
  • This garbage mountain stands 213 feet tall (65 meters)
  • In 2017, a landslide from the dump spilled over onto adjacent roads, killing two locals.
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