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Writer, book lover, civil engineer, YouTuber, aspiring talk show host — not always all of them. Not always in order.

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Hi there!

I’m Ana. I’m 28 years old and was born in a small town called Jorhat in Assam — a hilly Indian state nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas. English is my fourth language, but somehow the love for the language is rooted deep in my heart.


How I gave up comfort to embrace uncertainty and saw 10x growth in finances and fulfillment.

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“That was the most intense two months of my life!”

I wrote this in my journal after finishing the first draft of my fiction novel.

All my life, I’d always wanted to be a writer. But until now, I’d only written short articles and stories all over the internet. When…

Habits for Smart Writers

This is how I got on a writing streak of 2,000+ words daily for seven straight months (but the word count is not the point).

Image courtesy of the author

Since March, I’ve been on a writing streak. I spent the first two months of self-isolation working on my novel and finished the first draft (87,000+ words). I was also writing a few articles here and there, but then, once my novel was complete, I started writing one article daily.

More than the hard work you put in, you can grow wealth by rewiring your mindset.

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I grew up with a lot of negativity around money.

In an Indian middle-class family, it is believed that there are only two ways to earn more money: either by overworking yourself and staying at the office for 18 hours a day or by being corrupt.

This cage that I…

What does work-life balance mean when work is your life?

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In today’s world, the word “workaholic” has a lot of negative connotations.

When someone says “workaholic,” we tend to picture a person with thick glasses who’s cooped up in a tiny cubicle, furiously tapping away at their computer screen all day long.

Back home, their family consistently complains that they…

Virality is just a vanity metric. It doesn’t assure more money.

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As a writer, I’ve tasted success in different forms over the years.

I’ve written bestselling books, attracted high-paying gigs, grown my follower count to over 120,000 across various platforms, and the consistency of my growth gave me enough courage to quit my government job.

All these years, I’ve never had…

My lifelong struggles with body insecurities and how I let people’s perceptions of me define my reality.

Picture of the author, 2011 vs 2021 (Image from Instagram)

When I was younger, I thought you needed to look a particular way to command respect among your schoolmates.

I thought that if you don’t fit into the conventional societal standard of beauty — the slim fair, long hair version that we get to see in movies — you will…

Anangsha Alammyan

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