5 Traits You’ll Have If You Are The Main Character of Your Life

Aren’t you the chosen one?

Anangsha Alammyan
4 min readJul 17, 2021


If you want to be the main character of your life, the first step is to start looking, thinking, and feeling like one. (Image from author’s Instagram)

If your life is a movie, would you be the main character?

I spent many sleepless nights pondering this question.

I’ve read so many books where I wish I could swap lives with the protagonist. But if a book were to be written about my life, would I be the main character?

This curious question of a teenage girl turned into the philosophical musing of a young adult, which ultimately turned into the life motto of a twenty-something: No matter what kind of life I lead, if my life were a movie, I would be the main character.

And did you know, you could be the main character of your life even without realizing it? This post lists five traits you’ll surely have if you are the hero of your life.

1. You don’t let the control slip away.

Things don’t happen to you. You make things happen.

One failure doesn’t define your identity. It’s just a step along the way.

Life is filled with infinite possibilities. You don’t function by always reacting to the things around you. You take charge.

Faced rejection in your work? It doesn’t matter. You’ll polish your work and apply elsewhere.

Someone spotted a lot of mistakes in what you prepared? It’s alright. You’ll work on them and make notes so that nothing like that ever repeats again.

You’re not a victim. You’re the hero of your life.

Things happen around you. You don’t wait for the pieces to fall into place.

2. You don’t take no for an answer.

Not in a creepy way when you disrespect consent or disregard boundaries.

Rather, when destiny smashes you down, you yell back at her, “I’m not going to stay down.” You pull yourself up, fight against all odds, and carve a victory for yourself.

The journey might take a lot longer than you thought. You might even have to lose several times before that final lap.



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